Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Oops, I did a short shoot back in March with a few cool pieces, but as I was looking at some of the documents saved on my work laptop, I noticed a picture that I had neglected to upload and post on here. So here it is, from March, 2016.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Welcome back Drexel

The historic Drexel Theater in Bexley closed for several months for renovations and re-opened earlier this month. It looks great! I did a re-do of their iconic neon last night on my way home from the Short North shoot.

Short North Revisit!

Last night was a very hot and humid evening. The air was thick, sweaty, and musky, but that didn't stop me from grabbing a couple Powerade Zeros and hitting the hopping Short North. I did a pretty small tour here about two years ago before I ran out of time and battery so this time I was determined to be powered up enough and get there early. For a Sunday evening it was pretty happening. Not just young hipsters either, I saw all ages and types out, from late teens to senior citizens. Unlike a few years ago, nobody bats an eye when I do what I do. Not sure if people are just aware that this is a thing, or people just assume I am playing Pokemon Go.  I started around High and Buttles and worked my way up and down to about Fifth before calling it a night. There is some new stuff a bit further north, in what would be considered campus, that I will get another time.  This may be one of my best shooting sessions, in all honesty, and long overdue. All pics taken last night, the evening of Sunday 07/24.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Let's take a trip back in time!

While neon is still used as an advertising medium  as well as artistically, the "heyday" of neon was probably about 1940-1960. Neons were still a dominant feature on buildings  and in windows well past that, but by the 1980s they were starting to go dark. They were associated with sleazy businesses like pay-by-the-hour hotels, bars, strip clubs and such. Then of course came the 1990s with it's LED cheapness. LED signage has a lower upfront cost, lower electric bills, and lower levels of craftmanship and brilliance. I do sorta get why organizations and individuals choose LED..$$$$. But in the end, in my opinion, neon grabs more eyeballs than the LEDs. Also, LEDs need to be replaced more often, thus often offsetting the savings compared to neon.

So let's visit a few pictures from the heyday of neon in Columbus. These were sent to me by Ms. Catherine A. Eitel, whose father started Allied Sign Company in Columbus. These are some that he actually did himself, among others.
Jiffy Burgers. 12c hamburgers!

The Jiffy Drive Ins. Location unknown, though a 194 directory lists a location as E. 5th Avenue.

AMF Main Lanes. This sign was gone before I started bowling there in the early 1990s, though some of the neon on the building itself survived to the end, and I have a photo of it somewhere.
The Blue Danube! Still around and the neon still looks great some 50-60 years later!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A blast of neon art past in Columbus. "Didy Wah Diddy" (Atomic Playground)

      Usually I post signs of the current, or past that remain in the present. This is a little tidbit of central Ohio art history that also is neon related. Installed and dismantled over 27 years ago,  I never got to see it, but oh boy it would be something if this could be dug out and flipped on.

      This was an art installation designed by American sculptor Billie Lawless ( It was installed in the late 1980s and intended to be visible from I-70 by Livingston, near Bexley. Apparently this was installed as part of an art contest sponsored by The city of Columbus ordered it to be taken down as the long neon sequence caused distraction to drivers on I-70 and could have caused accidents. This was before I ever lived in Columbus so some older timers may remember. The actual piece is stored in Cleveland now, after being displayed off I-480 there for a while, and was ordered down for similar reasons. More info  here. Post if you remember it or  took pics of it.

Here is a video of the sign in action, probably in mid 1988

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"New Year" posts

A very delayed welcome to 2016! Welp I am happy to have some updates! I now have a new vehicle so that should mean more neoning right? Well, work, children, soccer and so forth have definitely been my main activities of late. Soccer ends next month so hopefully. I can get back to it! For now I do have a few new shots to share. I have noticed some newbies around town and was able to get em! Also, a should be easy but long sought after was finally grabbed one rainy Sunday evening. The E. Main street set here is mostly around Reynoldsburg. There is a newer cafe there called Prost which, unfortunately the night I was in the area, was not lit up. They were taken the evening of Sunday 03/20. The "Phone" pics, I had just dropped my oldest to her mom on Easter and had a few free minutes. I was tipped off to this one by Ramah Myers and it didn't disappoint, even though it looks like part of it was dark. Taken the evening of Sunday 03/27. The Most Interesting Man in the World was actually spotted in the Graceland Kroger on 04/01. And finally, that awesome Greenlawn sign. I was finally in the right place at the right time. Wet and windy evening of Sunday 04/10.

Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27
Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27

Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27

We buy gold & silver! Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, OH 03/20.
Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, 03/20

Jewelry Repair, Watch Batteries, Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, 03/20
The Most Interesting Man in the World..but wrong beer? XX is better anyway, Kroger Graceland, Columbus, 04/01

Greenlawn Single Sectional Modular Homes, Columbus, 04/10
Greenlawn Modular Homes, Greenlawn Ave, Columbus, 04/10