Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A blast of neon art past in Columbus. "Didy Wah Diddy" (Atomic Playground)

      Usually I post signs of the current, or past that remain in the present. This is a little tidbit of central Ohio art history that also is neon related. Installed and dismantled over 27 years ago,  I never got to see it, but oh boy it would be something if this could be dug out and flipped on.

      This was an art installation designed by American sculptor Billie Lawless (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billie_Lawless). It was installed in the late 1980s and intended to be visible from I-70 by Livingston, near Bexley. Apparently this was installed as part of an art contest sponsored by The city of Columbus ordered it to be taken down as the long neon sequence caused distraction to drivers on I-70 and could have caused accidents. This was before I ever lived in Columbus so some older timers may remember. The actual piece is stored in Cleveland now, after being displayed off I-480 there for a while, and was ordered down for similar reasons. More info  here. Post if you remember it or  took pics of it.

Here is a video of the sign in action, probably in mid 1988

Thursday, April 14, 2016

"New Year" posts

A very delayed welcome to 2016! Welp I am happy to have some updates! I now have a new vehicle so that should mean more neoning right? Well, work, children, soccer and so forth have definitely been my main activities of late. Soccer ends next month so hopefully. I can get back to it! For now I do have a few new shots to share. I have noticed some newbies around town and was able to get em! Also, a should be easy but long sought after was finally grabbed one rainy Sunday evening. The E. Main street set here is mostly around Reynoldsburg. There is a newer cafe there called Prost which, unfortunately the night I was in the area, was not lit up. They were taken the evening of Sunday 03/20. The "Phone" pics, I had just dropped my oldest to her mom on Easter and had a few free minutes. I was tipped off to this one by Ramah Myers and it didn't disappoint, even though it looks like part of it was dark. Taken the evening of Sunday 03/27. The Most Interesting Man in the World was actually spotted in the Graceland Kroger on 04/01. And finally, that awesome Greenlawn sign. I was finally in the right place at the right time. Wet and windy evening of Sunday 04/10.

Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27
Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27

Cell Phone Repairing, Roberts Road, Columbus, near Hilliard, 03/27

We buy gold & silver! Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, OH 03/20.
Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, 03/20

Jewelry Repair, Watch Batteries, Main Jewelers, Reynoldsburg, 03/20
The Most Interesting Man in the World..but wrong beer? XX is better anyway, Kroger Graceland, Columbus, 04/01

Greenlawn Single Sectional Modular Homes, Columbus, 04/10
Greenlawn Modular Homes, Greenlawn Ave, Columbus, 04/10

Friday, December 4, 2015

A few Autumn surprises

Just wanted to post an update. Hoping to get some good neoning in soon! Hoping to find some elusive Christmas/Holiday themed neon this month. But in the meantime, I am sharing a few signs I was able to grab this fall. The Flyers Pizza sign..just awesome. This was taken in Flyer's Pizza in Groveport while there for my son's birthday party on the afternoon of Sat. 10/17.  The Ohio State signs were custom made signs for a couple OSU fans ! Found these beauties while trick-or treating with the kids at a home in the Meadows neighborhood in Hamilton Township, in southern Franklin county. Both OSU pics taken the evening of Thurs. 10/29.

Block O neon, The Meadows, Hamilton Township, Thurs. 10/29

Brutus Buckeye neon, The Meadows, Hamilton Township, Thurs. 10/29.
Flyers Pizza Groveport, OH, Sat. 10/17

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Long Overdue! Pics from last photo shoots over a YEAR ago :/

     Long overdue, pics from my last few photos shoots! Covering the southernmost part of the Short North, along with a few other goodies. Unfortunately, due to an accident I had earlier this year, I have not been able to get out there as much but hopefully some opportunities will come up, even if just random grabs here and there. Want to do a tour soon, so hopefully. The Short North keeps beckoning. Also, I have noticed NEW neon in some areas I have covered previously and have taken notes, so look for these shots as well.   

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Short North, Sunday 08/17/2014

Livingston/S. 3rd, German Village, Sunday 08/17/2014

In a Kroger, 08/22/2014

Law Office, SR 161, North Columbus, 12/22/2014

Law Office, SR 161, North Columbus, 12/22/2014, top half

Law Office, SR 161, North Columbus, 12/22/2014, Bottom half.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A short but sweet tour of Downtown Groveport

     Groveport is a southeast suburb of Columbus. Like most burbs around here, Groveport was a very small place both in terms of population and footprint until the last 20 years or so. It is sprawling into old farmland and semi-rural roads with new housing and development. But the main drag and area of what was the original town are still there, doing well, and serve as the town's "downtown" so to speak. What I like about this small little downtown business area, is that it maintains its old buildings and businesses. And for a Columbus suburb, pretty walkable. So I drove to the area, about 10 minutes from home, and got the camera out. It is a small area, but a few absolute treasures in this small area. Enjoy! All photos taken the evening of Tuesday 07/22.

The Village Hair Shoppe, Tue.07/22

The Village Hair Shoppe, Tue. 07/22
Little Italy Pizza, Tue. 07/22
Little Italy Pizza, Tue. 07/22.

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Groveport Animal Hospital, Tue. 07/22

Groveport Animal Hospital, Tue. 07/22 

Carole Ward Properties Storage and Garage, Tue. 07/22  

Coming very soon, for real, a big post and first for this blog! Part of the tour already done and will be posting on here shortly! For the moment, enjoy this short Groveport tour.

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Groveport hidden gem

      I saw this while driving through an older part of Groveport the other day. This can be found on Corbett Road, near Motts Military Museum. Older part of the city and did NOT expect this. Was mid afternoon, but I will be back for a night time re-shoot. Taken the afternoon of Sunday, 06/29.

Carole Ward Properties, Groveport, OH, Sunday 06/29/2014.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring roundup!

Here to post the results of some mini-tours I was able to snag in over the spring! Pics were taken at various locations and times (noted in captions) in March and April 2014. Most of these locations, as you know, have previously been covered. But of course with time comes change and there have been a few new additions over the years.

IGA Food Liner, Ashville, Wed. 03/19. Most of the neon is covered with plastic, but the damaged section reveals the tubing.

Turnberry Travel, SR 256, Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Dry Cleaners, SR 256, Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Marcus Cinema, SR 256 Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Suede & Leather, SR 256, Thu. 03/27

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Dr. Greg A. Wise, MD offices. Off 317/Hamilton. Mon. 04/14

Bailey's Glass, E. Main Street, Whitehall, Mon. 04/14

Al's Barber Shop, Yearling Road, Whitehall, OH Mon. 04/14

Vaccuum Dealership, S. Hamilton Road, Whitehall, Thu. 04/24

RimTyme! E. Main Street, Whitehall, OH Thu. 04/24


OK, so as you can see, I have a few newbies. Yearling Road  BarberShop (Al's) has chosen neon for every price increase as long as I have been familiar with the place. I mentioned this in my first post of his way back in one of my first posts for this project in  November 2007.  The Panasonic Vaccuum Dealer sign is Ah-Mazing. Love it! Hope to also get some better pics of WingStop. Some pretty cool looking signage for E. Main Street, next to Happy's Pizza of course, which is bathed in neon. Unfortunately, these are hard places to catch good pics at night.

Coming up soon, will be some uncovered ground, FINALLY, for this project. Short North is coming soon!