Monday, April 30, 2012

South Campus Gateway Part I, and a few extras

I did this short mini-tour of the South Campus Gateway area back at the end of March. It was daytime/daylight so I will definitely be back for a night time tour (hence why this post is labeled as Part I). Some great neon here, but it was a bit melancholy, as this is a completely different place compared to when I was a student at OSU some 15+ years ago. Either way, I captured some good shots, including the iconic Longs Bookstore neon sign and clock. Even though Longs really only exists in memory, as it is now a Barnes and Noble. All Gateway photos taken the late afternoon/early evening of Fri. 3/30.
That Long Sign is amazing..I have admired that for nearly 20 years now. Here are a few other things I've been able to shoot over the last month or so:
The beer case/display at the Dublin/Perimeter Loop Giant Eagle, off of Avery Road. Used to be a Big Bear. Taken the afternoon of Fri. 04/06.
The 343 Bar in the Arena District, formerly The Frog Bear and Wild Boar. Taken Sat. 04/07. Look for a tour soon. Awesome weather and opportunities coming up!