Thursday, August 7, 2008

Average Joes Pub/Marilyn surprise

I went to the Average Joe's Pub at Polaris at the end of June. Cool pub, pretty good pub grub. Not a well established hole in the wall place at all, it is a chain, but not bad for a good time. My friend Brian had a gift certificate which defrayed the cost. The neon inside was nothing spectacular, but not too bad either. Typical bar signs. Since I was there, I had to take some pics. Sadly I have been frequenting many different places this summer and forget to bring a camera or take a good picture. Enjoy:

The Budweiser sign was particularly ironic. The sign is now outdated since a couple weeks after I snapped that shot, Budweiser is now a Belgian owned beer. Still brewed and operated in the good ole U S of A though. THe Coors one..nice sign..but I don't care for Coor's (unless it is free or very very cheap) and I didn't care for Super Bowl XLII, being a die hard New England fan.

Last month also, my daughter and I decided to do the pasta/salad/pizza buffet at Massey's across the street from our home. The exterior was featured back at the beginning of this red and green neon reflecting the Italian heritage of pizza. But inside something I didn't expect. Norma Jean aka Marilyn Monroe opening a all it's neon glory. I am sure I could buy this at Spencer's for $50 or so, but I didn't expect it in an otherwise plain jane Massey's dining room.

This was another phone dump. I MEAN IT..I will be doing some neoning soon. Possibly as early as tonight. I am thinking of doing a video tour, incorporating video logging my travels as well as still images. And of course, music.