Thursday, December 20, 2007

Schrock Road

Just posting a few pictures from the Schrock Road area between Ambleside Drive and Sharon Woods Boulevard. All pics were taken the night of Dec. 18.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Test Photo

This is just a test photo using my parents HP Photosmart M517. For the last few months it simply did not work, and after tinkering with it for a few minutes I managed to get it back to good. Yes, it was late morning and yes it was snowing when I shot this simple neon picture.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Easton Part I

Ten years ago, the area that is now Easton Towne Center was old used up farmland near I-270, Morse, and Stelzer Roads. Today it is a hustling, bustling, expensive little town, albeit..fake. Basically this place, along with the Polaris area a few miles north, killed the longtime local favorite Northland Mall. I have never warmed to the idea of a fake city in the middle of suburbia or even ruralia taking the place of a REAL downtown, which, in Columbus, is not doing so hot either, though it is going somewhat better than many other cities. I have been here a few times though because I do like some of their stores, and they DO do a good job decorating for the holidays. Nothing says Christmas to me like 50' trees with LED Christmas lights, $200 jeans, and of course, neon signs. It was kinda late to go inside the mall part of Easton, but I did take a few pics in the actual 'town center' as well as a few places not actually part of Easton but around it. All pics were taken the night of Monday, Dec. 10 with my JVC digital still function.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Neon motion

A short video clip of a couple motion neon signs, done a few weeks ago. I like the music I had on in the car when I did the "sizzle" one. I hope to get a chance to do a short neon photo tour later this week, possibly a smaller set like Reynoldsburg or Gahanna. Next week I am aiming for a start of the High Street corridor and downtown areas.