Thursday, July 29, 2010

NW side missing links, COSI stragler, DDs, and movie time!

With everything that has been going on since the start of this year, this has admittedly been a disappointing year for this blog and photo taking in general. A lot has happened personally for me and my family this calendat year so neon signs have been on the backburner. So this month of July has been surprsingly productive since summer in general is a "slow" time for me with the later sunset times and longer days. Happy to see I have been into it quite a bit this month despite what has been going on as of late.

So I have a few mini tours and shoots to share. The first set included in this post is a set of "missing links", either new, forgotten, or overlooked. I covered the Dublin Road and Arlington/Grandview areas in general a few times over the last couple years. But I decided to take the long way/scenic route from a ball game downtown up to Linworth this week. I caught some surprises of neon along the usually subdued Dublin Road.

I also included a couple pics snapped when I took my future stepdaughter to COSI a couple Saturdays ago. The building was a former high school of course and has a lot of nooks and cranies as many older buildings do. Good find in one of those nooks! Also, I took my daughter to see the movie Marmaduke at the "dollar theater" and of course, theaters that were built in the 70s and 80s and became second run theaters in the last 10-20 years are fill of neon! Good find there! And then my brother and a friend decided to go to Hooters to check out the...wings and beer, and a cool neon sign in their newest Columbus area location in Hilliard. And I got a free beer there! Free beer is always noteworthy.

The first set, the NW side pics were taken the evening of Sun. 7/25. The COSI pics were taken on Sat. 7/17. The theater and the Hooters pics were taken on Wed. 7/28.

The Rocco's sign is my fav! I love cursive neon. The neon McDonald's is relatively rare since most modern McD's locations do not feature neon displays. Nice. The men's barbershop is for MEN (and boys). Ladies, don't even try it!

This is a wall disaplay at COSI covering the history of Cracker Jack, which goes back over 100 years. Neon signs celebrate their 100th birthday in the next couple years!

Movie time! Ana and I watched Marmaduke at the "dollar theater" which actually set us back $1.50 per ticket. In the movie there is a scene taking place in a junk yard which also includes supposedly 'junked' neon signs. The travesty of a neon sign relegated to a junk yard. Though of course, neon grave yards would be a cool place to visit, especially if I had funds to restore them.

This cool Corona sign hangs on the wall of the Hooters on Rome Hilliard Road, their newest location (been there about 2-3 years or so). The Bengals beer sign is cool, though the neon functions as a backlight.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A couple Dublin Road missing links

Just a couple pics I had missed or have been new additions since my last visit to the area. Well, the Fur Vault has been there for years but either way, they caught my eye while stopping off 670 to get gas on the way home from work. Both pics taken the night of Sat. 7/3.