Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a few photos I took last week

Nothing major or great. But a few things I found interesting I took last week.

These nighttime shots were taken on the eastside. The 'bluish' accent neon was a club in a rough neighborhood, but enjoyed the neon anyway. The bailbond ad was maybe a mile south, in a rough but not as rough, area on E. Broad near Town and Country.These were taken the evening of Wed. 11/23.

These daytime shots would be better at night of course, but I am pretty sure the Adkins Barber shop doesn't keep his sign lit at night. In Old Hilliard near where Main becomes Avery. With the barber pole and the soda machine this looks like it could be out of the fifties or sixties. Very cool. The slot machine 7's are in the front of another one of those "Internet Café"/gambling centers that have sprung up around the state. And that brush stroke is a tattoo shop on N. High St. near Graceland shopping center. I believe that one stays on at night so one night soon I will do a re-shoot. That place was an art studio/gallery, and if you look back to one my first posts of 2011, I have pics of the cool butterfly neon. That is now brush strokes. Both great though. These 'daytime' pics all taken the afternoon of Mon. 11/21.

Look for more neon soon! Hoping for a full fledged tour in early December!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Short Eastmoor-Whitehall revisit

Last night I had a few extra minutes after work and felt like neoning back in the old neighborhood. The neighborhood hasn't changed that much since I started doing this over 4 years ago, but of course there are a few businesses that have came and went over the time period. I shot a few places that were newish in the Eastmoor area..the area between Bexley and Whitehall that centers around James Road between Broad and Main. And a pizza place in Whitehall. All pics taken the evening of Fri. 11/18.

The first three pictures were from a Pawn Shop located on E. Main Street a few blocks east of S. James. Cool neon but unfortunately due to the criminal element alive in the neighborhood, the signage is covered with bars thus somewhat obscuring the view. The fourth picture is from a car stereo/audio shop in the same area. Pictures 5-7 were taken at Happy Pizza, located at the corner of E. Main and Collingwood Ave. in Whitehall, part of the "Shoppes at Collingwood". In the same building as Joy to Go Chinese restaurant, which seems to have been successful since it's open in 2007, this part of the building has far. It's been at least 3 different burger joints in the last 4 years but Happy's is good food (had it once) so hoping it lasts..because this modestly sized chain, based in Michigan, LOVES neon. The photos here only scratch the surface. Next time, I'll be a paying customer and go inside and take is a nice little cache of neon!

Well again, Happy Thanksgiving..hoping to do some more touring soon!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally, some new material!! Happy 4th! And a new guest blogger, of sorts!

Let's just say 2011 has not been the most productive year for this blog. I hate to say it, but it's true. With some crazy situations, completely different job and work hours, 3 crazy kids, it is hard to find the time to get a good tour in. However, I should be finding some time shortly to get some good tours in and of course my belovèd missing links (which I usually spot while just driving somewhere, with no specific neon photo shooting in mind). But for the occasion this week of the 4th anniversary of this project, I do have some new material that I have taken over the last couple months. I am using a few different cameras now too that are somewhat frustrating to operate so hopefully I can work out some of those kinks and get back to neoning! Hoping this upcoming FIFTH year of this project is fruitful! But for now, enjoy the "new" stuff!

Sign 1: A wedding/prom photography company on Obetz Rd. just east of S. High Street. A very nice and unlikely often do you see a name like that in neon? Taken the evening of Sun. 11/13.
Sign 2: A pretty cool sign for an auto repair shop on Refugee Rd. near Berwick. Taken the evening of 11/13.

Sign 3: The blue/green version of a Yuengling sign (which has been in Ohio since Oct. 3..damn good beer!). Most around here that I see are the blue green or the red "Ohio" one. Both nice. This was taken the late afternoon of Thu. 11/3.

Signs 4-5. A sign company located on Johnstown Rd. (62) not far from the airport! It's a pretty cool sign but never really saw it lit at night and am rarely in this area. Taken about 20 minutes before the above Yuengling sign.

Signs 6-8: All taken at the Hooters in Newport, KY. My second road trip to the Cincinnati area this year. Saw a Bengals/49ers game earlier with Brian and Dan. Good wings and ok neon. Taken the afternoon of Sun. 9/25.

Sign 9: The "Ohio" Yuengling sign. These started to appear leading up to the debut of Yuengling in Ohio. This pic was taken Sun. 10/2 at the Buffalo Wild Wings on E. Broad St. in Whitehall and now can be spotted in several locations. I love both this version and the blue green one that is seen in some spots. Taken the afternoon of Sun. 10/2.

Signs 10-11: Actually not taken by me, but by Ramah M. Myers, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds while setting up the Ameican Quarterhorse Congress that comes to Columbus every October. I believe this was taken also on Sun. 10/2. Very cool to see horse related neon.

Well hopefully more posts and pics on the way soon! Happy Thanksgiving if I do not get to post again before then!