Saturday, August 29, 2009

E. Broad corridor new/forgotten/missing links

I have covered E. Broad extensively, at least from about Reynoldsburg to the far west side (so yeah, most of E. Broad in the Columbus area), but a stretch from Bexley to near downtown had a few stragglers which I do not have images of from previous photo tours. So after work earlier this week I took a short drive of E. Broad from Bexley to home, essentially downtown. All photos were taken the night of Monday 8/24.

Bexley Centres sign, near E. Broad and Harding. A small strip center in Bexley, I have photos taken of a few of the businesses in this center from a previous tour.

Apple Vacations neon sign, at a travel agency in another small strip center next to the Bexley Centres, at E. Broad and Broadleigh.

The Old Bag of Nails pub, actually on N. Nelson Rd. at E. Broad at the edge of Bexley, by the railroad bridge. Looks like some cool neon inside since their remodel..will have to check it out inside for an establishment specific photo tour/cold beer.

An attorney's office at E. Broad and S. 18th Streets, just east of downtown. Pretty cool sign. Lawyers are not really known for their use of neon signage to advertise their practices.

Coming soon: summer phone dump..the lazy days of summer neoning mostly taken with my rather low quality camera phone..always a pain in the butt because I have to send a text/picture message to my email since my phone doesn't have peripherals to just upload images onto my PC..but I have a few images taken over the summer, mostly in August, that I need to post. Also, with fall approaching, the campus gateway and short north should be alive with neon again soon..two long awaited areas I have yet to cover! Watch for those soon!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Indianola revisit/Fitzwilly's Irish Pub

Since I have had a few car related issues, I have been driving home via the surface street of Indanola Avenue instead of I-71 the last few nights. I covered the area a little less than a year ago, but there were a few spots I didn't get for whatever reason, or maybe a few new additions since then. I don't use this stretch of Indianola too often so maybe a few things have changed. I also captured the little neon that adorns Fitzwilly's Irish Pub at the 161 and Karl strip center, next to After Hours Sports Bar, which I have already covered. The Indianola redux pics were taken the evening of 8/10 and the Fitzwilly's last night, 8/11.

Sorry about the quality of the "light bulb". This is the City of Columbus electric complex, and it was hard to get very close to the entrance of this building..looked like some security guards were watching me as I stopped the car with the emergency flashers on Indianola and walked up a grassy knoll and got as close as I could. Plus I didn't have a better camera on me, just the phone. I will probably be back for a retake for flickr maybe.

The neon of Fitzwilly's Irish Pub. Definitely stop in for a drink and see the lovely and beautiful Tracie who tends bar there most Tuesday nights!