Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few pics from my phone/memory card fow now..

So far this month and year have just been flying by. Very busy of course which is why it may seem that way. Seems to me like we just had Christmas and the holiday season and now here we are, almost February. It's been a fairly mild winter, especially compared to the last 3, which have had varying degrees of harshness. This season has been wet and rainy, with very little snow and a few brief but tolerable cold spells. December in fact had almost no snow and so far with only a few days to go, we've had maybe 4 inches or so total. Not at all like the winters of 2009 (very cold and rather snowy, especially January which was followed by a coolish spring and summer), 2010 (very cold and snowy especially in February), and last winter (Dec. 2010 was actually the coldest and snowiest month of winter, and early February of 2011 had a bad ice storm!). So this SHOULD be a good time for neoning. Well, not quite, mainly because the lack of time, my schedule, the fact I like to be mostly home with the kids at night, and my car is out of commission. Hopefully, things turn around soon and I can do a full fledged tour, even if a small one. Now here I have a few photos I've snapped over the last few weeks and another from guest photographer Ramah Marie Myers, who has a few photos from back in the fall on this blog here. Enjoy for now..and watch for a tour soon..I really DO PROMISE ! ! !

This lizard is from Leapin Lizards, a bar on Cemetery Road in Hilliard where we like to go for Karaoke nights occasionally (KJ Howie does karaoke here on Thursday nights and at Coaches on Bethel I believe Mondays). Taken Thurs. 1/12.

The "teen" section at the Clintonville/Whetstone branch of the Columbus library, taken by Ramah M. Myers on Fri. 1/20.

How could I have missed this last time I was at Tuttle Mall? I don't go to the mall very often, usually only around Christmas and maybe a few times a year. I was here last weekend and bought my daughter an outfit at Justice and a Starbucks coffee, of course. Taken the afternoon of Sat. 1/21.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 2012! Men are from Mars, Women are from..

Happy New Year to all! Just a small update to start the new year. Hoping 2012 brings me slightly more free time for everything, including neon pics! These were taken at the Westpointe Movies (Starplex). I believe I did the outdoor neon signage way back when. I took the girls to see Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked to celebrate the last day of winter break. Not really a lot of neon inside, but I did capture these restroom signs. Both pics taken the afternoon of Mon. 1/2.