Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I had these on my phone..

Yeah..oops. My gf Ramah shot these way back, in either December or January. A furniture store on Roberts Road approximately halfway between I-270 and Hilliard-Rome Road. It is right next to the US HealthWorks near Walcutt Rd.

A few more files I have on my phone taken at various random times throughout the month:

The Red Robin on Rome-Hilliard Road. I caught the outdoor roadside sign way back in early 2008, but was inside for dinner the night of Mon. 2/27 when I snapped these. Cool interior signage. There was also a print in there of a bowling neon, probably from somewhere in California.

Probably the physically smallest neon I have shot for this project. Taken inside the display case by the entrance to Texas Roadhouse on Rome-Hilliard, on the evening of Fri. 2/17. It's maybe 8 by 8 inches.

We went to a newish bar/restaurant on Hall Road in Galloway (far SW side of Columbus)called The Boulevard for karaoke night, and while the place is nice (looks sorta like a Don Pablo's but with a French twist maybe) and rather spacious for a bar, it only had ONE neon. ONE. This is it. It's a cool neon, but the place could use more. It definitely has more the feeling of a slow restaurant than a bar, but maybe it's much busier on weekends than a Tuesday night. Taken the evening of Tue. 2/28.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February..short but sweet

While I haven't been able to do any full length tours recently, I have made the best of the little time I've had with a few small but fruitful photo shoots. I struck gold (or neon blue and red..) on a short trip to Grove City earlier this month, as well as at a temporary exhibit at COSI. And I snapped my first picture in Pickaway County for this project (no, not Circleville, but that will come soon hopefully). Going to a "new" bar tonight and hoping it has some interesting stuff! Look for the tour..I mean it.

Taken at the "Race" exhibit at COSI, which has been there since last month and should be there a bit longer. Very interesting exhibit, concerning the origins, history, and relationships between race, culture, ethnicity, and skin color. This neon is part of a larger display which contains visual and audio information about a study involving race specific medications. There was also a blood pressure test center, similar to those seen in supermarkets. Taken the afternoon of Sat. 2/4.

More great finds in Grove City. Was here to take our friend to get her repaired car from DART. These businesses are along US62-3, also known as Broadway, through downtown Grove City. The Grove City Lanes sign is probably in my Top 20 or 30 in the area. The Ernie's sign flashes, so I will be back for video! All pics taken the evening of Tue. 2/7.

Amy's Pizza. If one continues down Route 62/3 well past Grove City and into terra incognita, you will come to the small towns of Harrisburg and Orient. Very small country towns surrounded by winding hillish roads and farmland. Hard to imagine it's only about 20 miles or so away from the downtown of the 15th largest city in the country. This is my first and so far only sign snapped actually located in Pickaway County. Also, this sign does flash, and I have video, but it's smallish in quality. Also some dude thought I was taking a picture of him. LOL. Taken the evening of Mon. 2/20. Long story why I was in that area, which I don't think I previously have ever been.

Look for a tour soon! Need to take advantage of this mild winter!!