Saturday, February 22, 2014

Live from Cincinnati, the American Sign Museum coming up!

I do realize it has been a while since I have been able to post much of anything in the way of new neon, but I am excited about an upcoming opportunity for a great post. I am in Cincinnati (well, actually Northern Kentucky) and tomorrow, Sunday 02/23 I will be visiting the American Sign Museum in Cincinnati! This is THE neon sign museum. There is another in Vegas but still, WOW! I cannot wait to take in the heaven and snap the pics! Tomorrow! In the meantime, enjoy some phone files that I have taken over the course of the last few months. Including some very recent pics of my latest visit to the Cincinnati area.

     In order, the above pics: Connell Hardware. One of the older signs in the Columbus area, and one of the oldest businesses. Connell was in operation well over 100 years before WalMart and other big boxes rendered the Reynoldsburg hardware store obsolete last summer. Pic was taken Thursday, 01/16. Next we have the kids section of The Shoe Department, located along Stringtown Road in Grove City. Taken Sunday 01/19. Next we have a good ole Chinese food sign. No Sino-like characters, unfortunately, or even a Chinese style typeface but still, good solid sign. Taken at The Great Wall the evening of Sunday 01/26. Well the next sign was on this trip to the Cincy area, of which I make usually at least 1-2 per year. This was in Newport on the Levee, one of my favorite hangs. Saturday, 02/22. And finally, the last 2 pics. Two independently owned classic style neons for a rather ho-hum sorta business. From the hotel I am staying at on the SW side of the Cincinnati area, off I-275 on KY  route 20 in Hebron, KY, this awesome sign at Huff Floorcovering. In an age when Vegas is starting to see an iflux of LED lights, this small Kentucky business is choosing neon for its imaging and signage! Taken in Hebron, KY, the evening of Saturday 02/22.
     Well tomorrow is the day to visit the museum! Look for a related post soon ASAP! And also closer to home I have noticed some awesome newbies in various Columbus neighborhoods. Hoping once this AWFUL weather breaks for good to get out there and enjoy the springtime! Happy evening y'all, from Kentucky!