Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Cincy area trip, and a few extras

My semi annual trip to the Cincinnati area produced a few more neon photos than my last one. Most of these pics are from the Newport on the Levee area. Enjoy!
The Red Bull sign, the first in this post, was at Arnie's. The Art on the Levee, DEB, Dewey's, and Jefferson Hall were all at Newport on the Levee. Elberts was on Monmouth Street in Newport..very cool old meat store sign. The Pharmacy was taken a bit south of downtown Newport, near South Gate, KY. Those were all taken on Sat. 5/5. The "RESTROOMS" sign was taken at Pizzeria Uno in Dublin, OH on the afternoon of Friday, 5/11. They had a much cooler sign inside as well but was not lit. I asked them to turn it on and they told me it was on the fritz. Boo. It's going to be HOT this week..time for some warm evening neoning!