Monday, August 18, 2014

A short but sweet tour of Downtown Groveport

     Groveport is a southeast suburb of Columbus. Like most burbs around here, Groveport was a very small place both in terms of population and footprint until the last 20 years or so. It is sprawling into old farmland and semi-rural roads with new housing and development. But the main drag and area of what was the original town are still there, doing well, and serve as the town's "downtown" so to speak. What I like about this small little downtown business area, is that it maintains its old buildings and businesses. And for a Columbus suburb, pretty walkable. So I drove to the area, about 10 minutes from home, and got the camera out. It is a small area, but a few absolute treasures in this small area. Enjoy! All photos taken the evening of Tuesday 07/22.

The Village Hair Shoppe, Tue.07/22

The Village Hair Shoppe, Tue. 07/22
Little Italy Pizza, Tue. 07/22
Little Italy Pizza, Tue. 07/22.

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Groveport Animal Hospital, Tue. 07/22

Groveport Animal Hospital, Tue. 07/22 

Carole Ward Properties Storage and Garage, Tue. 07/22  

Coming very soon, for real, a big post and first for this blog! Part of the tour already done and will be posting on here shortly! For the moment, enjoy this short Groveport tour.