Thursday, June 5, 2014

Spring roundup!

Here to post the results of some mini-tours I was able to snag in over the spring! Pics were taken at various locations and times (noted in captions) in March and April 2014. Most of these locations, as you know, have previously been covered. But of course with time comes change and there have been a few new additions over the years.

IGA Food Liner, Ashville, Wed. 03/19. Most of the neon is covered with plastic, but the damaged section reveals the tubing.

Turnberry Travel, SR 256, Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Dry Cleaners, SR 256, Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Marcus Cinema, SR 256 Pickerington, Thu. 03/27

Suede & Leather, SR 256, Thu. 03/27

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Dr. Greg A. Wise, MD offices. Off 317/Hamilton. Mon. 04/14

Bailey's Glass, E. Main Street, Whitehall, Mon. 04/14

Al's Barber Shop, Yearling Road, Whitehall, OH Mon. 04/14

Vaccuum Dealership, S. Hamilton Road, Whitehall, Thu. 04/24

RimTyme! E. Main Street, Whitehall, OH Thu. 04/24


OK, so as you can see, I have a few newbies. Yearling Road  BarberShop (Al's) has chosen neon for every price increase as long as I have been familiar with the place. I mentioned this in my first post of his way back in one of my first posts for this project in  November 2007.  The Panasonic Vaccuum Dealer sign is Ah-Mazing. Love it! Hope to also get some better pics of WingStop. Some pretty cool looking signage for E. Main Street, next to Happy's Pizza of course, which is bathed in neon. Unfortunately, these are hard places to catch good pics at night.

Coming up soon, will be some uncovered ground, FINALLY, for this project. Short North is coming soon!