Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm back!

Yes, I am aware that I have not posted any new material of any kind in several months. It's been a hectic life, with a baby son, kid in school and such. But summer is here and hopefully slightly less bustle. While I have not actually done a photo tour since January (yikes..), I have had some occasions to take snap some neons. This post is a 'phone dump' of pics I have collected since my last tour. I do hope to get back to touring soon. I definitely miss neoning, and with summer coming up, a little extra time to do it. Yes, the nights are long, but I stay up late!
After posting these photos I will provide short descriptions of them.

1. The 'Nails' sign is located in a strip center near Morse and Maize Roads in North Columbus, near the former Toys R Us. Taken Tue. 1/25.
2-3. Were taken at the Trabue Tavern, a bar on Trabue Road, east of N. Wilson on the west side of Columbus. Taken the night of Sat. 4/30.
4-5. These 2 photos were actually the first 2 pics ever taken outside of the Columbus area for this blog! They weren't even taken in the state of Ohio, but my first "road trip", taken in Newport, KY, just across the river from Cincinnati. I hope to get back there alone some time for a more extensive tour. Taken the evening of Sat. 4/16.
6. This really clear Pabst Blue Ribbon sign can be found inside the Hooters restaurant on Rome Hilliard Rd. I have covered this previously, last summer, but this seems to have been installed since that occasion. Taken the afternoon of Tue. 5/10.
7. Just a Columbus Blue Jackets 10th anniversary sign, seen at Hooters, taken back on Thu. 2/10.

PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES VERY SOON! HOPING TO DO A NEW NEONING PHOTO TOUR WITHIN THE WEEK, and hopefully get back on track here! Thank you for your patience and enjoy the summer, and if I don't post on here again before, have a safe and happy 4th of July!