Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Grandview Avenue: walking tour I

Last Tuesday evening I was off so I could take my daughter out for a special treat, seing Backyardigan Tyrone at Golden Corral (see one of my earliest posts for the neon sign) on E. Main Street. After dinner she went to mom's house and I had a rare extra night off. It was a beautiful spring day and a cup of coffee sounded good, so I thought I would start something I have wanted to do since starting this blog..neoning on foot, as opposed to how I usually have had to snap photos, from inside my car. Grandview is a suburb west of downtown Columbus, completely surrounded by the city of Columbus. It has a more urban feel to it, similar to many east coast cities. The main drags are W. 5th Avenue going east-west, and Grandview Avenue travelling north-south. I parked my car on W. 1st Avenue, camera back on shoulder, and proceded to walk northbound on Grandview. If you haven't been here, imagine a 1960ish style suburbia that you would see kids and their parents eating ice cream cones in suburban New Jersey, or someplace like that. This place is not poor by any means, and Grandview likes its neon thankfully. It was somewhat early, and almost too nice, since so many people were out and about, and sipping on coffee, wine, or eating French food on the sidewalk cafe style tables. I felt somewhat apprehensive about taking pictures with people sitting right there, so some of my photos may have suffered. I plan to go back for touchups when I do the w. 5th avenue stretch sometime soon. All these pics were taken the early evening of Tuesday, 4/8.

Just a note about the is at the corner of 5th and Grandview. More to come from fifth and some touchups from Gandview Avenue as needed. Also coming soon: pics from inside a Hooter's, which have been on my phone for a few weeks and now just uploaded!