Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time for an update?!

Yes, I know I need to update Columbusneon! It has been long overdue. This year has been a mixed year of challenges and opportunities. I am in school fulltime as well as working FT and taking care of my 3 lil ones. I barely have time to eat, shower, or breathe, so time for neoning has been in short supply. Not to mention the fact that my car has been half drivable for most of this year. All this being said, I miss neoning. I have also been spending time updating my Instagram account for my non-neon photo adventures. Please visit my Instagram at Instagram.com/paulied1977. Or add me via your own Instagram account on Android or iPhone. I have some neons on there, but I am sincerely thinking of creating another account for neon purposes, as a supplement to this blog (much as I did between 2007-10 with Flickr).I hope to get back to neoning very soon. I do have a few updates that I think you will enjoy and will post shortly.