Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giving thanks for neon, and happy 3rd anniversary!

OK, it's been a while since I have posted some pics. But a few minor things have happened since I was last able to post some pics back at the beginning of fall..including a new addition! Hopefully my newborn son will be able to enjoy neon when he gets older as this artform is slowly and sadly disappearing. Anyway, to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of ths start of this project (amazing!) and Thanksgiving, I have a few minor tours to post. I was in the area of Hard Rd. and Smoky Row which includes a few generic strip centers (but one gem of a sign). Also I finally covered the Schuman's meat store on Harrisburg Pike. I was first told about this place a while back. Awesome meat in an old fashioned meat market and the walls are decked with old fashioned neon signage! The Schuman's pics were taken on Thurs. 11/11 and the Smoky Row pics were taken Sun 11/14. Happy Turkey day and stay posted for a new photo tour soon!

The Sawmill Florist pic is actually on Sawmill Rd. near Hard, a mile or so west of the mentioned intersection. Actually a retake of a shot I got during the say a few months back.

Mmm..Schuman's. They sell Falter's meats, which are made near German Village and only sold in a few places (Schuman's, the Brewer's Gate Kroger on Sycamore are two I know of). Some of the best bacon and bratwurst I have ever had.