Friday, March 23, 2012


A few pics I have on my phone, not from any specific tours per se, but some neons I caught while out and about throughout the month of March.

1. This appears on the outside/façade of The Boulevard, taken the evening of Tue. 3/13.

2. Subway..Eat Fresh! Not many Subways feature neon. This is inside the Walmart in Hilliard, taken Sat. 3/10.

3. This is on the back wall by the fish and aquariums department of Jack's Pet Shop at Graceland. Taken Fri. 3/23.

Hoping to get out and do some neoning tonight and this weekend!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The North Market

This has always been one of my favorite places to be in Columbus. I have been in the market many times, mostly when I lived in Victorian Village way back when (well, ok, about 10 years ago) and German Village. Now that I don't really live close to the city center, I don't get to stop here as often as I did when I lived somewhat closer to downtown. But today we took the day off and I had been wanting to get some of my favorite Portuguese chouriço, which is pretty hard to get in Columbus and I know The Best of the Wurst, in the North Market, was one place that carried it. While the large iconic neon sign over the front of the building is one of the top 20 probably in Columbus, the inside of the public market has neon signage as varied as the tenants who do business here. Some awesome neon, to go along with the awesome food and goods sold here. It was pretty crowded for a Wednesday, mostly the downtown office crowd on lunch hours, so there wasn't a picnic table to be had on this beautiful early spring afternoon. Got a beef brisket sandwich with green beans from Holy Smoke BBQ (VERY good, though not as good as
) and ate up in the "balcony" area. All pictures were taken the afternoon of Wed. 3/7.

So glad we decided to come here today, got a few great things, an amazing lunch, and ended up doing a short impromptu tour..all on a sunny mild afternoon. More information about The North Market can be found

Friday, March 2, 2012

West Jefferson

West Jefferson (often just called 'West Jeff" by locals) is a small village on the outskirts of the Cbus metro area, in eastern Madison County with US Route 40 as the town's main drag. Though the official MSA extends to all counties surrounding Franklin, it can be safely said that once you are west of West Jefferson, you are no longer in Kansas anymore. Well, until the small city of London, then there is pretty much nothing until you get to Springfield. It reminds me of most of the Columbus exurbs in that it looks much like Delaware, Circleville, or Lancaster, only it is much smaller. I only went as far as the western edge of 'downtown', but sadly, there were only 2 examples of remarkable neon. I guess if I had went further west there is a large office park area, but it was late, and there were cops, and I didn't want a late night ticket or have some country-type folk assuming I was up to no good. But anyway, I snapped the two neons I saw in West Jeff. Also, the first pics taken for this in Madison County. Taken the evening of Wed. 2/29.

Cool insurance agent sign. Well that's about it from West Jefferson. I know Delaware and the other outer suburbs/exurbs have more neon. Now that I have reliable wheels, and spring coming up, I will be in neon OT!