Monday, May 17, 2010

Welcome to 2010 finally! A few short tours and new missing links!

While the end of last year and the first few months of this year have been slow as far as updating this blog and new pics, I have had time for a few small tours. A description follows the photos.

Counting from the top downward: Photos 1-5 are the neon signs of Holiday Lanes and Bob Hart Pro Shop. My own bowling ball and shoes were purchased here. He also has various sports and associated collectibles, including neon signs. I would love to get my hands on some of them! The Mickey Mouse had a price tag of $535 last time I was there last month, for the last night of my winter league. Pictures taken in April, 2010.

Photo 6 was taken at Macaroni Grill above the bar area. The only neon in the place as far as I could tell, though there may be an outdoor sign. We went for lunch on a bright spring afternoon (4/.

Photos 7-9 are on the north end of Columbus. Some SR 161 and Cleveland Avenue "missing links". The auto repair shop is on E. Dublin GRanville Rd. and the law office is a house used as an office on Cleveland north of 161.

Photos 10-16 are some photos in or around Olentangy Center, at Bethel Rd. and Olentangy River Road. The Arabic language pic is near the Bethel Center, next to "our" (Red Sox fan group) Buffalo Wild Wings. It is a middle eastern/Halal meat shop.

Photo 17 is the Church Next Door, on Feder Road. Not a lot of neon, but a pretty sign. I currently live very close to this church. Sigh..I miss German Village!

Photos 18-20: More businesses along Cleveland Avenue up on the far north side, between 161 and I-270.

Photo 21: We're Rolling inside the WalMart on Rome Hilliard Road. Not the greatest pic. Didn't know it was so off centered until I uploaded it.

Photo 22: Jitters Café, inside Grant Hospital. This hospital was my "home" in late February and early March 2009, and had a medical emergency (that is putting it lightly, let's just say). I have been in and out of there not only as a patient once, but for speaking engagements related to my condition. I am a sorta celebrity around the ED and CICU there.

Photo 23: Galaxy Golf and Games, off Wilson Road near I-70. My daughter loves this place, which is a lot like Magic Mountain. I think Ana will do her first mini golf here this upcoming summer! This was actually taken on 12/30/09, so this was my last neon photo of 2009!

Photos 24-26: More Morse Road/Patio Shops "missing links". These are relatively new, as this carry out and restaurant have opened within the last year.

Photo 27: Holiday Lanes again. This hangs from the bar inside the bowling center. Not for sale as far as I know.

Photo 28: A new arrival on Morse Road. A furniture store across from Morse Center, at Lemarie place. I have previous photos from this location, but this sizable installation was added just in the last few months.