Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Easton Part I

Ten years ago, the area that is now Easton Towne Center was old used up farmland near I-270, Morse, and Stelzer Roads. Today it is a hustling, bustling, expensive little town, albeit..fake. Basically this place, along with the Polaris area a few miles north, killed the longtime local favorite Northland Mall. I have never warmed to the idea of a fake city in the middle of suburbia or even ruralia taking the place of a REAL downtown, which, in Columbus, is not doing so hot either, though it is going somewhat better than many other cities. I have been here a few times though because I do like some of their stores, and they DO do a good job decorating for the holidays. Nothing says Christmas to me like 50' trees with LED Christmas lights, $200 jeans, and of course, neon signs. It was kinda late to go inside the mall part of Easton, but I did take a few pics in the actual 'town center' as well as a few places not actually part of Easton but around it. All pics were taken the night of Monday, Dec. 10 with my JVC digital still function.

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