Monday, May 26, 2008


I had several pictures left on my phone that I needed to dump. Since I don't have unlimited texting and messaging with my cell plan, I need to buy a special prepaid card to send text and picture messages. I finally did that. These pictures were taken throughout April and May.

These pics were obviously at Hooters (I go there for the beer and wings of course..) in early April.

Don Pablo's Tex Mex restaurant. Quite a bit of neon in the place, but mostly Corona and Dos Equis beer bottle outlines. I wish I had a better camera on me for the 'baƱos" shot though.

My dad was in the hospital and doing better, so he wanted a milkshake. These are pretty nice looking signs, and unfortunately we were there around 4PM so they didn't look so good in bright sunshine. I want to go back and shoot them at night, but the place closes so darn early and they unplug the lights when they leave. Maybe with summer about here they will stay open a bit later..or leave the lights on when they close at night! And YES that is me and my green monster (1998 Ford Escort Wagon) visible in the last pic!

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