Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thurman Cafe and Nationwide Arena

I've been to both these places numerous times. Yesterday I hit both in a night. Started off as a trip just to get a cupcake at Bakery Gingham turned out to be a complete night out. I wasn't in the mood for a giant burger so I had the fish dinner with my Blue Moon. Yummy. Then my friend who works at Nationwide was working the Jackets game so he let me know seats were still available. Never had a bad time at a Jackets game. Only been to one losing game ever, and the two that I've been to so far this year, both thrilling wins. Last night got me a bit nervous but Mason held it together at the end to help The CBJ get a 4-3 win over St. Louis. They have struggled somewhat against lesser opponents but are having their way with the Detroits and San Joses of the league. In sixth place in the west now, they may finally be ready to make a playoff run, especially if they keep playing the way they have. So I supported the local Columbus economy by: my Mint cupcake from Bakery and beer at Thurman Cafe..took COTA up High Street to the game, and supported our CBJ. Of course, the NHL is headquartered in Toronto, but I still consider Nationwide to be local. Go Ceebus! I took these with a camera phone I just got a couple weeks ago, so they are of so-so quality. Nothing like my JVC. Anyway,all pics taken the evening of Wed. 2/18.

Not easy to take pics in here, since it is elbow to elbow crowded. We got there early, just before 5 pm, and only had to wait about 10 minutes. I have waited as much as two and a half hours on a Wednesday night before. The key is to get there early, before 5! This place has a lot of cool, divey decor like old newspaper front pages, traffic signs and signals, old license plates, tips (literally..probably a couple thousand bucks in singles taped all over the walls, ceiling, bar, tables, etc), and of course, neon signs. Many of the signs are run of the mill beer signs, which is why I don't have a ton of pics from inside, but it is definitely an atmosphere that is right up my very strange alley. Check them out:Thurman Café If you are in the mood for sweets before your giant burger, check outBakery Gingham.

Now pics of neon inside Nationwide Arena. Of course the district was covered on a tour back in November:

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