Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Finally, some new material!! Happy 4th! And a new guest blogger, of sorts!

Let's just say 2011 has not been the most productive year for this blog. I hate to say it, but it's true. With some crazy situations, completely different job and work hours, 3 crazy kids, it is hard to find the time to get a good tour in. However, I should be finding some time shortly to get some good tours in and of course my belov├Ęd missing links (which I usually spot while just driving somewhere, with no specific neon photo shooting in mind). But for the occasion this week of the 4th anniversary of this project, I do have some new material that I have taken over the last couple months. I am using a few different cameras now too that are somewhat frustrating to operate so hopefully I can work out some of those kinks and get back to neoning! Hoping this upcoming FIFTH year of this project is fruitful! But for now, enjoy the "new" stuff!

Sign 1: A wedding/prom photography company on Obetz Rd. just east of S. High Street. A very nice and unlikely often do you see a name like that in neon? Taken the evening of Sun. 11/13.
Sign 2: A pretty cool sign for an auto repair shop on Refugee Rd. near Berwick. Taken the evening of 11/13.

Sign 3: The blue/green version of a Yuengling sign (which has been in Ohio since Oct. 3..damn good beer!). Most around here that I see are the blue green or the red "Ohio" one. Both nice. This was taken the late afternoon of Thu. 11/3.

Signs 4-5. A sign company located on Johnstown Rd. (62) not far from the airport! It's a pretty cool sign but never really saw it lit at night and am rarely in this area. Taken about 20 minutes before the above Yuengling sign.

Signs 6-8: All taken at the Hooters in Newport, KY. My second road trip to the Cincinnati area this year. Saw a Bengals/49ers game earlier with Brian and Dan. Good wings and ok neon. Taken the afternoon of Sun. 9/25.

Sign 9: The "Ohio" Yuengling sign. These started to appear leading up to the debut of Yuengling in Ohio. This pic was taken Sun. 10/2 at the Buffalo Wild Wings on E. Broad St. in Whitehall and now can be spotted in several locations. I love both this version and the blue green one that is seen in some spots. Taken the afternoon of Sun. 10/2.

Signs 10-11: Actually not taken by me, but by Ramah M. Myers, at the Ohio State Fairgrounds while setting up the Ameican Quarterhorse Congress that comes to Columbus every October. I believe this was taken also on Sun. 10/2. Very cool to see horse related neon.

Well hopefully more posts and pics on the way soon! Happy Thanksgiving if I do not get to post again before then!

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Buckeye Bryan said...

I want that Yuengling one!