Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I had these on my phone..

Yeah..oops. My gf Ramah shot these way back, in either December or January. A furniture store on Roberts Road approximately halfway between I-270 and Hilliard-Rome Road. It is right next to the US HealthWorks near Walcutt Rd.

A few more files I have on my phone taken at various random times throughout the month:

The Red Robin on Rome-Hilliard Road. I caught the outdoor roadside sign way back in early 2008, but was inside for dinner the night of Mon. 2/27 when I snapped these. Cool interior signage. There was also a print in there of a bowling neon, probably from somewhere in California.

Probably the physically smallest neon I have shot for this project. Taken inside the display case by the entrance to Texas Roadhouse on Rome-Hilliard, on the evening of Fri. 2/17. It's maybe 8 by 8 inches.

We went to a newish bar/restaurant on Hall Road in Galloway (far SW side of Columbus)called The Boulevard for karaoke night, and while the place is nice (looks sorta like a Don Pablo's but with a French twist maybe) and rather spacious for a bar, it only had ONE neon. ONE. This is it. It's a cool neon, but the place could use more. It definitely has more the feeling of a slow restaurant than a bar, but maybe it's much busier on weekends than a Tuesday night. Taken the evening of Tue. 2/28.

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