Thursday, November 22, 2007

A little more E. Main/other eastside

A few pics left from Tuesday night and a few more I noticed driving through Bexley again on Main on Wednesday night, 11/21/07. White's Pharmacy and Resch's are in an older strip center on Livingston Avenue at Yearling Road. Old fashioned bakery. Old fashioned pharmacy, with lots of regular customers. I can attest that Resch's is good! Anthony's Pizza and Subs is just south of Main at Pleasant Ridge in Bexley. Good pizza at a decent price. Al's Barber Shop, Yearling Rd. just south of Main. He charges $7 per haircut after being $6 for several years. I wonder what he did with the "haircuts $6" sign and if he still has it..hmmm?.. Bexley Optical near Main and Drexel. Cute and well made bright sign. The sugary words on the next sign belong to Anthony Thomas choolates. Several locations around Columbus including a factory/DC on the west side which has special tours and tastings, especially around Christmas and Easter, which are sugary candy coated holidays. Next we have the camel of Camel cigarettes on display at a smoke/tobacco shop at the Town and Country shopping center on E. Broad Street. And a couple stores down is a shoe repair shop, which I highly doubt could repair my two year old worn out black sneakers. Which I wear on rainy days like this one was.

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