Monday, July 25, 2016

Short North Revisit!

Last night was a very hot and humid evening. The air was thick, sweaty, and musky, but that didn't stop me from grabbing a couple Powerade Zeros and hitting the hopping Short North. I did a pretty small tour here about two years ago before I ran out of time and battery so this time I was determined to be powered up enough and get there early. For a Sunday evening it was pretty happening. Not just young hipsters either, I saw all ages and types out, from late teens to senior citizens. Unlike a few years ago, nobody bats an eye when I do what I do. Not sure if people are just aware that this is a thing, or people just assume I am playing Pokemon Go.  I started around High and Buttles and worked my way up and down to about Fifth before calling it a night. There is some new stuff a bit further north, in what would be considered campus, that I will get another time.  This may be one of my best shooting sessions, in all honesty, and long overdue. All pics taken last night, the evening of Sunday 07/24.

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