Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lisska is an old bar and grill on E. 5th Avenue at the corner of Cassady Avenue in an area called "the East Gateway". Not far from Bexley and not far from the airport, the area has seen worse and better days. Definitely working and lower middle class, but not the hardest of hard core ghetto. Very little neon graces the area despite many older buildings and businesses. Other than some very run of the mill stuff on some of the convenience stores and a few ghost pieces, there is practically nothing of neon interest here. With one very big exception, and that exception is Lisska. I happened to take this pic despite the fact it was late morning because a. it was lit. And b. I am rarely in this area late at night. I will make it a point to capture the sign at night if I can, but that may be hard since I have rarely seen it lit very late and some of the characters hanging around the area make taking pictures of a neon sign a bit tricky. The neon needs some work and retubing, but the sign really isn't in bad shape, despite it being there probably close to 60 years. According to property records, the Lisska family has owned the property since 1944 and the building itself was built in 1950. I have never been in the place. The pic was taken the late morning of Mon. 5/18.

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