Friday, May 15, 2009

More from the south side

The south side of Columbus, I have discovered, is for some reason a tough place to shoot neon. Either I have bizarre hours or the businesses on this side of town do. Or they only feel like having their neon signs lit when the mood strikes them. I can never just seem to do one good photo tour of the area. When one sign I want to capture is there seemingly waiting for my camera's lens to grab it, another one is out cold. And then when that sign finally is on, I discover another hidden gem that is lights out. Anyway, I felt like getting a pretty good tour in of the area of S. High street below German Village. Yeah, I already do have some from this area in previous posts. But I never fully committed to the area as of yet. Lots of ghost neon in this area, which I did cover, but was ghost specific. All the pics were taken the evening of Tue. 5/12 except for the daytime pic of the "rainbow" which I took just this morning.

This business is rather unique. If you ever need to wash your 93 Camaro and your pit bull at the same time, while grabbing that 6 pack of Busch, this is the place! Gotta love the south side!

This is actually inside the DOTS store at Great Southern shopping center, on the back wall. I think every old strip mall, regardless of how well or poor business is, has a DOTS. Kinda like the GNC or Radio Shack for women's clothing.

One side of this tire place is pretty much the or more letters out. This is a "Fires One". But lo and behold, the other side of the building features a 100% functioning Firestone sign!

Mexican Restaurant on the outlot of Southland Mall. Nice "abierto" sign, even if it is for decoration over function. Very few multilingual neon signs are to be found in Columbus, even with the large increase in the Spanish speaking population. Even establishments that are run and patronized by speakers of languages other than English, most of the neon is English.

Bob Evans Restaurants corporate headquarters are located on a small campus in this area of S. High. I am not the hugest fan of neon covered by other signage (where the neon basically is shadowed by a metallic overlay), but it does look nice and does count as neon.

Buy here/pay here used car lot on Parsons Avenue near Frebis Ave.

Is a lit up Bluegrass Music sign in my future?? A sign I want to capture but eludes me is next door to this Victorian house turned into psychic parlor.

The Rice Bowl sign lit up before it goes to bed. I covered this sign last fall, but it wasn't quite as dark.

Wow! The Chatterbox is NOT dead! I covered this sign a few months back and had it as a dead sign. It is dying and on life support it seems. I wish they would fix it's a wicked cool sign!

Crater's Restaurant on S. High and Morrill Avenue. A comfort food kinda place. I would think that Miller Lite sign means it is gay or gay friendly. I know of a few cool rainbows in the short north area that when I finally cover will be a part of this diverse blog. I am straight but not narrow, by the way.

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