Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kroger on Parsons Avenue

Living in German Village, but spending a lot of time on the east and north sides, I have a wide variety of grocery shopping options. I like my share of Trader Joe when I am in that area (Easton or Dublin..and would be nice to have a store in German Village or downtown, but that's a pipe dream for now). I go to Aldi for many of the basics, rather than pay for other store's advertising. For the 'regular' stores, I definitely prefer the Brewer's Gate Kroger..definitely the nicest plain old Kroger store in the area. The Giant Eagle (a former Big Bear location) on Whittier is maybe a few feet closer to me than the Kroger, but the G.E. is so small. Nothing wrong with it, just smaller selection and higher prices, but possibly fresher lobster. On occasion, I venture over to the "other" side of German/Merion Village, Parsons Avenue. I have done neon photo tours of the area, but only recently did I go inside the Kroger at the corner of Moler. WOW! It is a time capsule from the 1990s. While I am sure somewhere there are grocery stores, even chain stores like Kroger, that may not have been extensively remodeled since the stone age days of the 70s and 80s, I have noticed that MOST older stores have been given a 21st century makeover, and that the newest ones have that same toned down but pleasant look of the 2000s. The Kroger on E. Broad in Town and Country was recently remodeled, but they kept their entrance neon (there is a pic way back at the beginning of the blog). The Parsons is still in full 90s goodness. In the early to mid 1990s, grocers and other retail establishments started using neon extensively IN the stores (while sadly, taking down their classic outdoor neon signs and replacing them with cheaper alternatives). The neon is really nothing breathtakingly exciting is neon, and nice to see some still around. Big Bear also went through a neon phase in the 90s, in what would ultimately be their last new look before death. The Neil Avenue Giant Eagle of course, reflects that era. The following pics were taken the morning of Mon. 6/1. With my phone, so quality is not as great. But I wasn't kicked out by some arbitrary manager!

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