Thursday, June 18, 2009

Two long awaited S. High missing links

I wish these two businesses would keep their neon on after dark, but now having lived close to this area for almost a year, I am resigned to the fact they close up shop and turn the lights out early. Even during fall and winter the signs seem to be off anytime after dark. Now in summer it is unlikely I will catch the signs at night, so I snapped a couple pics on a mostly cloudy mid afternoon. If I ever do have a camera on me, have the time, and I see them lit up while dark, they are going for retakes. Both pics were taken Tue. 6/16.

Bluegrass Music Supply, near S. High and Moler. Love the semi-amateur neon work! Awesome!

Dr. Jenkins Chiropractic office. This sign would look absolutely wonderful at night. Unfortunately the shadows don't do this great sign justice. Maybe one day the doc will keep some late office hours and while he fixes spines, I will get a better image of his sign.

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