Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just a tide over

With my time for neon photo tours at a minimum these days I have to find stuff when I find it. A missing link and a plain old OPEN sign. Why the simple OPEN sign? Becuse of it's simplicity. It takes us back to a time before signage became standardized and OPEN signs didn't always have a blue oval surrounding the text. It's not an old sign, but has a "rustic" look. You can find this sign an an identical one at a Chinese restaurant on SR 161, near Karl Road. The Sawmill Florist sign is great, and in an area sadly deprived of neon between Dublin and Powell along Sawmill Road north of I-270. The OPEN picture was taken the late afternoon of Sun. 9/26 and the Sawmill Florist was taken the morning of Mon. 9/27.

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