Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sawmill Plaza (Post #101 of this project)

Yep, my last post on this photoblog a couple weeks ago was my 100th post since starting this blog nearly three years ago! That wasn't my 100th photo tour necessarily, but still 100 posts, is a milestone. I can't believe I have maintained this for nearly three years now, through all the moves and changes in my personal life. Hopefully with the arrival soon of our son, things will calm down and I can find some time for neoning. Of course spare time will be hard to come by, but I will take busy and calm over busy and chaotic any day. So this little shoot isn't much, just a few cute pieces I found tucked in a little corner off Sawmill Road at the Sawmill Plaza, between SR 161 and I-270. I can never seem to get to this area at night and I believe they shut the signs off (grrrr!) anyway, so it was mostly cloudy when I shot these in a tucked away area of the three dimensional strip center. All of these pics were taken at Barclay Tobacco and The Cleaner (drycleaner, obviously) the morning of Weds. 9/22.

The tobacco store and "Capone" sign remind me that Halloween will soon be approaching. Last year I was a twenties era gangster for a party I went to. Maybe again this year? And I can get my stogie for the occasion from Barclay's!

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