Monday, November 28, 2011

Just a few photos I took last week

Nothing major or great. But a few things I found interesting I took last week.

These nighttime shots were taken on the eastside. The 'bluish' accent neon was a club in a rough neighborhood, but enjoyed the neon anyway. The bailbond ad was maybe a mile south, in a rough but not as rough, area on E. Broad near Town and Country.These were taken the evening of Wed. 11/23.

These daytime shots would be better at night of course, but I am pretty sure the Adkins Barber shop doesn't keep his sign lit at night. In Old Hilliard near where Main becomes Avery. With the barber pole and the soda machine this looks like it could be out of the fifties or sixties. Very cool. The slot machine 7's are in the front of another one of those "Internet Café"/gambling centers that have sprung up around the state. And that brush stroke is a tattoo shop on N. High St. near Graceland shopping center. I believe that one stays on at night so one night soon I will do a re-shoot. That place was an art studio/gallery, and if you look back to one my first posts of 2011, I have pics of the cool butterfly neon. That is now brush strokes. Both great though. These 'daytime' pics all taken the afternoon of Mon. 11/21.

Look for more neon soon! Hoping for a full fledged tour in early December!

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