Tuesday, December 20, 2011

De-Novo Bistro&Bar..the old Kyrie sign!

Driving down South High Street in downtown Columbus by the statehouse I'd always try to get a better look at what appeared to be a very cool 60s or so vintage neon RESTAURANT sign. Unfortunately, it was dark/dead. Perhaps even ghost status. But thanks to the development of the Scioto Mile and Columbus Commons Parks (along with the death and burial of City Center) in this area, the once sorta listless stretch between the Statehouse and Franklin County government center seems to be coming alive. Hope those parks work out for the city..this city needs downtown activity. This upscale aka pricey restaurant appears to have recently opened up in the space of several other restaurants which have come and gone over the years. And the owners or operators appear to have taken an interest in rehabbing this gem of a sign. It's now lit and looks absolutely beautiful, set against the towers of downtown. I went to the Columbus Commons for the Holiday Fair..which was small but a LOT of fun..my daughter loved it! And noticed this sign actually in operation. So of course, I had to catch it. I took 3 pics from 3 angles. This is easily one of my top signs in the city now. Hope the place stays open though generally it's not a place I could afford. All pics taken the late afternoon of Sun. 12/18.

If I don't get to post again before, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!

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