Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A tide over

I have been shooting some neon. No tour as of yet but it is coming as soon as I can get some time to do it, after work. With the sun setting barely after 5PM on these cold December days, it shouldn't be a problem. This is a small set taken on my phone since about the beginning of the month:

-Steak Escape: Taken at the corner of Dublin and Grandview, near I-670 and Grandview Ave. Newer sign but cool and street/sidewalk level, like most of Grandview already is. This property used to be the site of a very nasty Knights Inn motel that was raised a few years ago and redeveloped. Taken the evening of Fri. 12/2.

-Haircuts for Men. Taken at the Major League Haircuts on Sawmill Road in Powell, not far from the zoo. Taken the evening of Sat. 12/3.

-Schlitz. That and PBR, two of my favorite beers are now sold at Nationwide Arena, and while no PBR sign is present, a cool Schlitz lights it up. At $6.50 for a 16 ounce can or draft, it's the cheapest beer at a Blue Jackets game. Taken Sat. 12/10.

-Hydrofarm: A brand name of gardening and hydroponic equipment sold at the Garden Indoors location at Indianola Avenue and Morse Road. So you can ummm..grow your umm..vegetable garden. Taken Mon. 12/12.

-That last one..just a cool scene..not exactly a neon specific pic, but the combo of neon signage, a bar, beer, Chinese food, and Christmas lights..up my alley! Taken Tues. 12/13.

Watch for a Christmas vacation tour soon!!!

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