Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brice Road/Reynoldsburg

I took these pictures almost two weeks ago, but just now have had a chance to post. The same night I went to German Village, I shot back down Livingston Avenue to the Brice Road corridor and Reynoldsburg areas to see what I could find. Brice Road is one of the several 'strips' with chain restaurants, big box retail, hotels, floundering strip malls and brownfields. The area is still relatively healthy but several stores in the Target strip have closed, and have been closed for years. The Meijer store which has been there for over 20 years is closing. On the other side of Brice, off Tussing Road, the Consumer Square is there. But not much consuming is going on there. There are a few holdouts such as Burlington Coat factory and Dots, which are always present in dead and dying retail centers. But at night, it is just plain creepy. Think Dawn of the Dead, only outdoors. There is a dead 'mall' by Meijer though, though it was never a mall in the sense of a large mall with anchors. Now Consumer Square once had several retailers which have closed up shop or moved, many to a newer and brighter megastrip a few miles further east on Rt. 256 in western Fairfield County. The first few photos are the Brice Rd. area, and I worked my way north on Brice an onto E. Main street into the center of old Reynoldsburg.
Gyro place, actually on Livingston near Brice.

The Consumer Square sign, visible from I-70 at Brice Rd.

An actual CLOSED sign. More useful I think since many retailers leave the OPEN neon sign on even when they close up shop.

I love signs like this..gotta have a sense of humor when you are selling and fixing vacuum cleaners..
Seven cents won't get you much else these days, but copies here will only set you back seven Abe's.

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