Saturday, March 8, 2008

Livingston Avenue and German Village

With a blizzard forecast for the next couple days, my bowling night rescheduled, and my daughter with her mom for the night, and no set in stone plans for the first time in weeks, I thought what better way to spend this 'calm before the storm' relatively pleasant late winter evening than going 'neoning'. I also, when I have a few spare minutes, enjoy bookstores or the library. Since it was already 8PM, I knew one of my favorite bookstores would be open in one of my favorite areas of the city, German Village just south of downtown Columbus. Narrow brick streets, nooks and crannies..not a lot of neighborhoods in Columbus like this, but it was laid out pre-1900 unlike most of the city. The areas rough borders are Livingston Avenue to the north, High Street to the west, Thurman to the south, and Parsons to the east. When one thinks of German Village though, the main streets are S. 3rd, S. 4th, S. 5th,, Thurman, Jaeger, Mohawk..and several small German named streets. Not really the most neon signed area of the city, but it does have some nice installations and if I were forced to spend the rest of my life in Columbus, this would be my neighborhood of choice. Also included are a few places on S. High Street which are sometimes considered German Village and sometimes the "Brewery district", which extends west of High to the riverfront. The pictures included start far east by Hamilton Rd. through Livingston Avenue and the inner city ghetto, and to German Village.


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