Monday, November 3, 2008

Downtown II

After spending most of the latter half of October packing, moving, and unpacking, I was definitely ready to get back to some neoning. One thing I have discovered about downtown Columbus is that it is a pretty inconsistent place, as far as neon goes. As a whole, it is fairly sleepy compared to other cities of comparable size. Most downtown businesses close up shop between 5 and 7pm when the office workers go home to their suburbs for the day. So it is hard to be able to catch good photo ops when a perfectly fine business with a nice sign is closed so early. Since I work late, by the time I get down there (now on my way home, since I live JUST south of downtown in German Village..see my G.V. photo entry from last March) most signs are dark. Other times I feel like I am in a bustling metropolis rather than sleepy overgrown college town. Now that we are back on standard time, the time is high for neoning, since business hours usually don't change for the season..meaning that a so-so 6PM photo op in September, and not a good one at all in July, becomes pretty good by November). Anyway, I concentrated on downtown NORTH of Broad Street. I did however, get back to the pawn shop on E. Main where the creepy people were standing around last time. Since there are so many buildings, I know I didn't catch everything, and like I said, many signs were dark, so look for future posts when these signs happen to be on and catch my eye. All pics in this set were taken the evening of Monday, 10/27.

And back to the pawn shop.. There is actually more neon inside the place not easily photographed from outside. I wonder if any is for sale? Hmm..I may have to check it out sometime!

And a little teaser for an upcoming of the top areas for neon..

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