Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More missing links

Before doing the next tour set, I captured a few more 'missing links'. These shots can be considered part of German Village or the south side. In either case they are on the southern side of the city. These were all taken during various parts of the day of Tues, 11/11.

Jack's is near the corner of W. Whitter and Jaeger Streets, at the dividing line of German and Merion Villages.

G. Micahel's Bistro is located on S. 3rd Street next to the Cup O Joe and Bookloft buildings. I actually snapped a few pics of this location back when I covered German Village, but I couldn't get a good shot since the valet guys were staring at me the whole time. Well it was closed this time around so haha!

This beauty is easy to miss, unless you are specifically going to your appointment here. Located on S. 4th Street, between Moler and Frebis, it is sorta tucked in the middle of a residential area. I say sorta, because S. 4th has businesses along it's length. 3rd and 4th streets are major one-way thoroughfares which extend from the northern edge of downtown, through the CBD core, and into German Village. In German and Merion villages, they are still business oriented, but become much narrower with far less vehicular traffic. By the time it gets south of Whittier, S. 4th is mostly residential.

A bar next to Connie's. Would have taken a better pic, but was distracted by some dude on a bike who almost swerved into me. After all these years, the debate still isn't settled? Great Taste? Less filling???

Be on the lookout for the next post. Will be a good one, celebrating our anniversary!

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