Monday, November 10, 2008

Missing Links

Neon is a dynamic beast. I say that because while one would think most businesses would want their signs aglow for advertising purposes, business hours or not, many go dark after business has ended for the day. That, and I think some owners and employees just don't always flip the switch. Explains why you could go by someplace several days in a row, with the sign off then suddenly there it is, on in all its neon glory. So due to that fact, it is quite possible that I have missed or overlooked something in almost every photo tour done to date, which, believe it or not, is almost a year ago! I will just be doing some retakes..touchups..getting caught up on what I missed or overlooked until I do my next tour. This tour will coincide with the one year anniversary of the start of this blog. For now, enjoy these 'missing links', taken the evening of Sat. 11/9.

These are in the immediate downtown area. Darby's is inside the Hyatt Regency on State Street and the "restaurant" and tux shop are on S. 4th St. The restaurant actually has a much more interesting, much older sign that hangs over the storefront, but I think it may have gone dark or is just usually off for some reason. I would hate to put it in a new 'dark' post (which I will be doing shortly).

Parsons Avenue, near Planks Café. While I am saddened by the state of disrepair of the drive thru sign, at least it still works. I will have to check some history of the property, and see what sort of business used to occupy that land before it was a beer/wine drive thru. Close by is Ray's used car lot. Cool sign, but hard to get a decent pic. It is not the best of areas and I would not want to arouse suspicion by taking pictures close to the small building surrounded by for-sale cars. So I took this from across the street and zoomed in.

OK, I admit. I was wanting to tackle the Arena District finally when I got off work. I snapped these two pics and had hoped to park, get out, walk around with my cam. There was a hockey game earlier but had been over for hours. Note to myself: no neoning when there is a hockey game on a Saturday night. There was no parking to be found, so I drove home. But enjoy another preview..maybe this for the 1st anniversary post?

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