Monday, January 19, 2009

Arlington (and an update)

It has admittedly been a while since I did a tour of neoning, so I thought last night I would do a small one while I had some time. Upper Arlington is an upper middle class suburb of Columbus, on the northwest side. It is surrounded by several smaller "microburbs" like Marble Cliff, as well as Grandview, Hilliard, and many streets actually belonging to the city of Columbus and Franklin County. It is primarily residential, but has several commercial strips, such as Lane, Fishinger, Tremont (pronounced TREEmont, not TRE-mont as in Boston), and Northwest Blvd. While not exactly a treasure chest of neon art, it is no Worthington and one can find a few nice examples. I am not very familiar with the area as I have little reason to go here, but can find my way along the major streets. I did not really capture the western boundary of Riverside Drive, but I can save that for a future post. All pics were taken the evening of Sun., 1/18.

AN UPDATE: Last April I covered the area of Grandview, specifically Grandview Avenue, which may be considered the main drag of the suburb. One of the businesses which I covered has a new sign! Check out the difference:

NEW (taken 1/18/09)

OLD (taken 4/8/08)

Which one do you like better? Wonder what Gina did to her old sign since getting a new one? Another update out of Grandview. This one sad. A large portion of the business district, which I covered in the Grandview Avenue walking tour (which the old Gina's pic comes from) evidently was gutted in a large fire. I had heard about it on the news, but the devastation was obvious once I drove past. It happened on Saturday, when the low temperature was about -12, so much of the surrounding area has a large coating of ice enveloping it from the water used to fight the fire. I believe a couple businesses I covered on my April tour were in this block, including Accent on Nature and the optical center. Maybe the physical therapy place too? We thank the brave firefighters for limiting the damage, and our hearts go out to those who suffered loss of their livelihoods due to this tragedy. Hopefully they can rebuild and get back to doing what they do. A link to the story can be found here:



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