Tuesday, January 13, 2009


WANTED! I know I should be neoning and posting photos, and as soon as the weather improves a bit, I will be getting to a few neglected areas. I also have a few projects underway, including ghost neon, the beer project, and maybe some now and then. The "now and then" requires some help. So by now you are wondering, what do I want? ANY old pictures of Columbus, Ohio street scenes, that contain neon signage in the pic. I am a history as well as neon buff, and would love to see what some of what I see now looked like back in the day! Basically, I am looking for pictures and scans from about 1940-1980 roughly, which includes the heyday of neon. They can be businesses still operated, ones long gone and physically deconstructed, or ones that still have a building, have changed hands, such as bars and restaurants. I will not keep them as my own and will not take credit, but would love to take a ride in the time machine and see what neon was like in Columbus of the past. The city has changed a lot I am sure since the 'old' days, and neon is no exception. Unfortunately, mostly not for the good, with the decline of neon usage since the glory days of the mid 20th century. PLEASE e-mail me or otherwise contact me if you have something to share! Be on the lookout for a new tour and/or project! I'm hoping to make 2009 a great year here!

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