Thursday, January 22, 2009

Famous for Steakburgers (and missing links)

I remember my first ever visit to a Steak N Shake. It was around 1998, in Indianapolis. I thought, what a cool, retro sorta place. Would be nice if Columbus had one! Well a monster was created. They are pretty well represented here. With some coupons I had (the food has for some reason or another gotten a little pricey compared to when they first entered the market) I decided to take the kids there after a doctor appointment which featured a few of the-not-so-favorite of childhood experiences: vaccinations. With the coupons and a somewhat remodeled menu, it was a reasonable price for lunch for three. One of their new menu offers is "unlimited fries". Unless that is all one was ordering, I have no idea why anyone would want or need this! The original plate offered a LOT of fries. Everyone, including myself, had more than enough food on the first plate. The free shake I had was enormous and there was no way I could finish it. Same goes for the free sundae...way too big, even with both kids eating it. Anyway, as anyone who has been in a Steak N Shake knows, they feature a pseudo-1950s motif. The hats..the 'classic diner' look..the greasy unhealthy (but tasty!) food..and NEON! Sadly, none of the neon is very original, especially in the new fashioned ones which popped up in the last ten years. But I like that they still keep it around, like greasy hamburg...err..STEAKBURGERS..relics from a bygone era. Of course my hope is that neon never disappears and we have a 21st century revival. But those plastic coverings and are they cheap. Anyway, this photo is an example of what nearly all Steak N Shake units offer. Taken Tues. 1/20.

This picture is a missing link from the east/southeast side, on E. Livingston Avenue. This is not the best neighborhood and I may not have had a good opportunity to photograph the sign at night on previous attempts, including my Livingston stretch tour last March. Here is the Vogue, taken Thu. 1/15 on a VERY cold day.

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