Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Months of talking about it and some seven months after I started the great tour of N. High Street way up in the Worthington area and through Clintonville, I took my camera to my old stomping grounds so to speak, one of the most heavily concetrated areas of neon in the city. I though a beautiful Tuesday night, still some two weeks before classes start would be a good time to get down to the OSU campus area. Well I was right. A lot more people hanging around than I thought. I did go to the area in mid July and it was crowded, but that was a Saturday night. Anyway, I got a first in the ten months or so I have had this blog. Some Subway guys thought I was filming their store and didn't approve. I asked them why they thought I was filming inside an empty Subway restaurant when the flaming neon of the tattoo parlor next doot was ohhh, let's say, 50x more interesting? If they put up an installation other than a generic LED "open" sign, maybe they would have had a point. Anyways, I did not take any pictures of the neonless Subway on E. 13th and High. I had a few people notice me snapping pics, and a few people who looked awfully close to my camera which made me walk faster. I walked the length from Oakland Ave down to about Lane, and walked back up, hopped in the car for the somewhat edgier southern half. I did NOT include the Gateway, as that will be part of a new post. All of the following photos were taken last night, 9/9.

These establishments are at the northern edge of what would be considered north campus, near Hudson Street and the start of Clintonville. The Blue Danube was part of when I was in the Clintonville area months ago.

Cool Asian neon. Hard to find neon around Columbus not in the Latin alphabet. Jack, by the way, lives at the Little Bar in what was formery an Asian grocery and an IHOP many many years ago. I wish there were IHOP's around Columbus these days.

Jimmy John's. Your mom told you to eat here. Free smells. Gotta love that!

The Ohio Stater 'mall'. There is/was some sort of Japanese bubble tea place. That was hot stuff back in the early 00's.

Besides an education, The Ohio State University is the place to get the obvious college, cheap greasy food, and tattoos. Many OSU students have spent their evenings visiting those sorts of establishments. And occasionally, all three in one drunk Friday evening. Not necessarily in that order. Well, yeah, in that order. I wouldn't be in the mood for a campus style cheesesteak AFTER having a needle under the skin.

After spending most of your student loan money on Pabst, gyros, and the making the name of that girl you met at the bar last night a permanant part of your right shoulder, I GUESS you should get some books for your classes now, huh? Lindsay? Who the HELL is Lindsay?? And why is her name on my SHOULDER?!?

I get the feeling this shop on E. 13th Avenue just east of High is NOT a plumbing store! The sadly unlit part of the sign reads 'THE BEST GLASS FOR AFTER CLASS'. I mostly stuck to beer..what a lame ass I was back in college!

More food and drink to feed Generation Y's young growing minds!

More places you may find on the OSU version of Monopoly.

The Newport Music Hall. Somewhat small and gritty, many nationally known bands got their start here. And many more ended their starts here too. I had to drive around three times to snap this subpar pic because this incredibly cute Asian girl, probably a groupie of whichever band was playing last night, was standing right at the ticket window and I didn't want her thinking I was some crazy stalker.

More CCN. Cool campus neon.

After a hard night of being a college student, time to refill the wallet, eat a burrito as big as my head, and sober up with a coffee and a donut. La Bamba is VERY good by the way..don't let the characters hanging around the alley behind it scare you. And do NOT park at the McDonald's next WILL BE TOWED!

Our campus tour is almost over. I have bought many used CD's at the Singing Dog, which has some cool neon borderwork.

Varsity Club on Lane. Looks like we're not on High Street anymore, Toto.

I may be in the Grandview area this evening to watch my Sox try to knock the Tampa Bay Rays back down to earth again. Papelbon blew the save and the game last night. I can't imagine that happening again, and with Beckett on the mound, I smell a W. Since I will be in that area, maybe I will get to do that West 5th Avenue stretch I talked about doing back in spring. Also, now that I seem to be back in the swing of things, I see myself and my cameras spending more time on N. High street soon. Stay tuned!

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