Thursday, September 11, 2008

Grandview II

Way back when, around April, I walked along Grandview Avenue from W. 1st up north to W. 5th Avenue. I said I would be back. Well, some five months later, I returned! I walked a large part of W. 5th from about Fairview to Doten, and was in my car for everything else, including what I found on W. 3rd, Northwest Blvd, and King Avenue. Was a beautiful warm evening and I had a change of plans, so I thought, what the heck. I needed the exercise anyway! All pics taken the mid to late evening of 9/11.

I spotted these on King Avenue. Great old school neon at Gentile's. Old, Italian east coast type areas thrive on old fashioned neon!

One of the crown jewels of Columbus area neon signage. The classic Peking Dynasty, in all it's lit up glory. Actually there are four signs, the front facing sign is identical in both directions on W. 5th, and the parking lot sign in the back on the side street. Yes, this sign is animated and wait til my next post!!

Another Grandview classic. Rife's Market at the corner of W. 5th and Grandview Ave. I snapped this just under the awning and it came out great!

Yet more old school neon in Grandview. A.K. Menendian Rug. Beautiful and simple sign.

More West Fifth Avenue goodness! And HA! to the Subway at Northwest and Fifth..some Subways DO have neon, unlike their sister store on campus! The Mark Pi installation is still more interesting though, with it's faux Chinese character lighting up the night!

These were south of fifth avenue, mostly along W. 3rd. The sign at Glenn and W. 3rd makes me think I am in Jersey, not Ohio!!

This interesting installation adorns the main enterance to a recently completed (last year sometime) midrise condo building, at the corner of Northwest, W. 3rd, and Virgina Avenues. Right next to Byrne's Pub. NOt too often does one find neon advertising residential property!

Marshall's on W. 1st Avenue in central Grandview. I have had many drinks, and some food here, though it has been a while. Was a hangout of ours back when I worked in Grandview, which hasn't been for two years or so.

Be on the lookout for the Peking Dynasty sign in motion. And some more High Street fun before the weather gets wintery, which sadly, isn't too far off.

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