Sunday, September 7, 2008

James Road area/Bexley, east Columbus

When I first covered the east side areas, specifically the areas of Berwick, Eastmoor, Whitehall, and Bexley in past posts, there were some hidden gems which I somehow overlooked or forgot and meant to return. This is the result. Most of the photos in this set are in the James Road area, between Broad and Livingston. These pics were taken on the cloudy morning of Friday, 9/5.

Franks Restaurant, just west of James Rd. on Broad Street. I am sure it is good. But they advertise 'good food'. Would anyone claim they serve bad food?

Sunny's Café, Broad and James.

I know, I violated one of my rules with these photos. Well, I violated two rules. This was taken around 10:00AM. AND, it is unlit. The sad thing is though, I don't know if it is lit up at night anymore. This is one of the very few surviving pieces of 'classic' neon in the Columbus area, meaning this sign dates to probably the late 1950's or early 60's. I HAVE seen it lit before, but not in quite a while. Or I am just not there at the right time. I took this pic on Friday morning and I went by around 11:00PM last night and it was dark. I really hope this sign has not gone dark permanantly. I seem to recall seeing lit pics of this on flickr sites of other folks. This Super Duper is on the west side of James Rd., between Main and Livingston. It is a beautiful piece of roadside art that just takes anyone back to a simpler time. Even those of us who weren't around in that simpler time.

Pawn shop next to the Super Duper. This was one of the few times I went neoning with my daughter in the car since it was morning. She saw the diamond and wanted me to take a picture of it! Of course! is learning young ahhhhh!

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