Monday, September 8, 2008

North side neon: Morse, Maize, Indianola

I guess for me, neoning and fall go together. If you notice I start to really feel the neon energy with the re-energizing weather of the fall, and spring to an extent. Neon looks good twelve months a year, but it just takes on a more glowing alluring look on a cool fall or early winter night, or a cool spring early morning. So this past Saturday night, which I seemed to consider either the last summer day or first fall day, some after-work plans fell through. I decided to take a drive around Morse Road, Maize, and Indianola from the north end down to the campus area. It would have been a perfect night to (finally) get to the High street corridor where the neon rivals Vegas in some spots, but..Gallery Hop was going on. And, OSU won a football game earlier in the day. I don't want to get in the way of burning couches!Keep in mind, I was a student back in the days when students actually rioted because we lost to Michigan years and years in a row, there was no 'campus gateway', and I am still a huge OSU fan. I just don't think barely beating a middle of the pack MAC school is all that much to riot over. If we beat USC next week, then maybe I will get in on the action. That being said, since there are only two weekends left before students return, I am thinking a weeknight, possibly a Thursday night, this week, would be perfect to cover the short north and campus areas. Few students have yet arrived on campus, but most of the businesses should be open and aglow with neon.

For now, enjoy what I could find from the north side of Indianola, Morse, Maize..the Beechwold/northland line. I have covered this area on High street before. Indianola isn't neon heaven. but it's not neon hell either. All of the pics were taken the night of Saturday, 9/6.

A psychic reader on Morse, near Maize Rd. Most of these psychics around here are in private residences (roads like Morse and Dublin-Granville used to be two-lane roads with houses and even former farmhouses of which a few remain). I have never seen a psychic but I would love to get a reading and see what kind of neon is in my future..

Furniture Land..a furniture store which was, in it's former life..a furniture store! Most former furniture stores become charter schools or flea markets these days. Nice framing.

McDonald's, at the corner of Morse/Maize. Back in it's early days, McD's was known for it's cool neon signs, and the animated "Speedy" mascot. Once McD's became the global superpower that it is now, genericity ruled the day and those mansard roofs sported flourescent tube lighting with yellow covering. I loved those as a kid, but ya know..time for a change. This is one of few in the area that sports any neon. There are a few 'retro' styles that have Speedy ( I will show some day) and some with the "Playplace" feature neon signage.

Save-A-Lot, in an older strip mall at Morse/Maize. I like this store, but prefer Aldi. If I could find neon in an Aldi, I would be happy.

Tony's Pub, on Maize just south or Morse. Interesting framing work with a generic "OPEN" in the middle.

Comic Town, in the Toy's R Us strip mall at Morse and Maize. I like the Superman logo, but a Batman logo in neon would be a GREAT find! I have never understood things like Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, and Magic, but I admire the neon artwork.

A hottub/sauna dealer, on Indianola south of MOrse Road. Catch the wave!

Hair Concept, in a strip mall on Indianola near Oakland Park Ave.

A wine and beer store near Indianola and Broadway. I like some Red Stripe, mahnnn!

Body Wisdom. I believe a sort of massage center, on Indianola near Arcadia/Hudson.

Jumbo's Pizza formerly King's. They deliver. Call 'em. When I lived in the area, they saved me from starvation many times!

Glen Echo Service, at Hudson and N.4th street. They fix any and all cars. But their supercool neon sign needs some work. I hope to catch it again soon a litttttle brighter.

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