Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bethel Rd/Olentangy

I was in the Bethel Rd. area a few nights ago so I thought I would take a few pics. For some reason I thought there would be more neon. Not much really. So going down 315 south the roads were somewhat icy, but I didn't think too bad. BUT, I guess by Riverside Hopsital it was bad enough to cause people to slam into the jersey barrier and skid off the road. So they closed it and was forced off at Olentangy/Broadway. So on Olentangy I thought I would snap a few more photos before heading to my friends house to drink and eat. Not a huge collection here, and had it been earlier and better weather I probably would have done some downtown stuff or maybe Grandview. Enjoy. All taken on Tuesday night, 2/26, with both cameras.

Some neon from the many strip centers on Bethel Road.

Johnny Rockets is a cliche diner type place in the Lenox Town Center, which opened when I was a student at Ohio State in late 1996. A lot of chain stores, a Target, a 24 screen AMC theater which was the largest in the city at the time, and I think one of the largest in the state back then, before Easton and the likes came along. The actual enterance sign is one of few high placed neon advertising around here, so it is visible from Rt. 315.

More Olentangy River Road neon, in the area around King and W. 5th Avenue.

The Buffalo Wild Wings on Bethel Rd. It's hard to do indoor/inside a business neon photography, so they usually don't come out good. They didn't seem to mind me takin these pictures so maybe if I am in another BWW I will take better stills. And of course, with camera phones, it is easier.

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