Friday, February 22, 2008

Hilliard Rome Road/I-70

Yesterday my daughter and I met a friend for lunch in the Hilliard area and I had my cameras with me, so what do you think that means? Yep, a geographic photo tour. Not that I had never intended to hit this area, but the occasion to be in the area got this area out of the way so to speak. Basically a two lane country road in decades past, it is basically a major 'strip' which has characterized many suburban or semi-suburban area of Columbus. Lots of strip malls, chain restaurants, big box retail and hotels. Similar to maybe Rt. 161 or Morse in the past, this area is known to be slightly 'nicer'. At Fisher Road, south of I-70, this road basically retains it's 'country' two lane status until you hit W. Broad Street on the far west side of the city by what used to be New Rome (the once infamous speed trap that was de-existed a few years ago). North of about Nike Rd., the suburban strip somewhat ends and is two lanes again leading to Old Hilliard, though I would definitely call this stretch 'growing suburb" rather than countrified. While there are a few independent mom and pop type places here, this area is dominated by chains: restaurants, hotels, big box retail, gas stations, etc. Enjoy!
This is where we had lunch. Ana had chicken fingers with broccoli and apple sauce (at all her broccoli!). I had a bbq chicken sandwich with mashed potatoes. The sandwich was so huge I couldn't even finish it!

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Anonymous said...

Do you happen to know when the earliest commercial development--e.g. the Mcdonalds, the Perkins (formerly Dutch Pantry), the Red Roof Inn (formerly Hospitality Motor Inn), etc.--first came to the Hilliard-Rome/Renner/ St James Lutheran area? Late '60s? Early '70s? I am curious. THANKS.