Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random stuff

Some photographs which I either forgot to post, just noticed while driving somewhere, or just otherwise don't fit in any above post.
1. Bowties Nightclub, inside the Ramada Inn on Sinclair Rd. by Morse and I-71. I can be found there sometimes late on Saturday nights. This sign is indoor, and taken with my phone, though I don't think larger digital cameras are disallowed.

2. Lane's Carryout, E. Dublin Granville Rd., north Columbus.

3. Club X, Sunderland Drive, north Columbus. An adult club owned by the same folks who own the Doll House.
4. Fantasy DVD, E. Dublin Granville Road, North Columbus. Located in a former Chi-Chi's restaurant as well as pawn shop.

5. Chinese Buffet in the Graceland Shopping Center, taken Sunday 2/24. I love old fashioned Chinese restaurant signs, and with so few remaining, I better get to them soon. Signage such as the one pictured here are OK..but the signs like the one at Ding Ho (they recently relocated I am told and pray that they kept the sign and reinstalled it!) on the west side are treasures. Nothing looks better than a Chinese restaurant sign at dusk! Nothing tastes better than Chinese food and a beer, at dusk either!

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ColumbusNeon said...

Oops, I realized I already posted the Chinese food sign. Oh well I got to mention Chinese restaurant signs, which I hope to find some good old ones soon!